Explore the “Magic Age of Steam” at Auburn Heights through programs, field trips, tours and more! Programs at Auburn Heights focus on the history of transportation and the rise of the automobile in American life as well as the natural resources around us. 


Booking a Program or Tour

Please make reservations at least two weeks in advance. To schedule a program or for more information, fill out our online forms on the following pages or contact our Director of Public Programs by email or  (302) 239-2385. 


Field Trips

Students are encouraged to draw comparisons between the past and the present, explore changes in motion and design, learn a little local history and, most of all, be curious! Interactive activities, exhibits, and crafts help students broaden the scope of learning and explore science, technology, history, design, function and much more. Field trips can be done in partnership with the Delaware State Parks’ Auburn Valley State Park.
*We are also happy to accommodate home school and summer camp groups with advance notice* 

Outreach Programs

Bring the Marshall Steam Museum to you: virtually or in-person! Using crafts, stories and historical objects, students participate in interactive discussions and hands-on activities that encourage creativity, critical thinking, movement and play. 

Kids Camps
Enjoy some steamin’ fun with our kids day camps throughout the year! Learn how to fire up a steam locomotive and drive a diesel train with our train-focused single-day camp experiences in June, July and August or try your hand at model railroading in the spring. 


Learning is fun at any age! Join us for special programs, enjoy a tour of the museum or invite us to visit you.

Book a lecture!
In this 40-minute presentation, “Introduction to Auburn Heights”, we introduce your group to what we do at Auburn Heights, our history and our unique collection.  For more information, call (302) 239-2385 or email us.

More Resources

Use these links to learn more about this history of transportation, steam cars, the collecting hobby, locomotives, and more!