Scouting at Auburn Heights
Make a memorable experience for your scouting troop at Auburn Heights while fulfilling your requirements! Our site’s rich history along with an incredible collection of antique autos and trains make the perfect setting for all kinds of activities. 


Girl Scout Programs
Our current Girl Scout programs focus on the following badges:

  • Automotive Engineer badges (complete all three in a day!) for Daises, Brownies and Juniors
  • Automotive + Mechanical Engineer badges (complete all three automotive badges and the mechanical engineering badge in a day!) for Daises, Brownies and Juniors
  • Mechanical Engineering badges for Daises, Brownies, Juniors
  • Fun patch: A Cross-Country Road Trip, an interactive program focused on the first woman to drive across the United States in a car in 1909!

By 2024 we will be adding several more badges, including:

  • Mechanical Engineering: Board Game badge for Daises, Brownies and Seniors
  • Inventor badge for Brownies 
  • Journey: Think Like an Engineer badges for Daises, Brownies, Juniors and Seniors

Download our Girl Scouts Programs Packet for 2023
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Troops looking to do more? We always have volunteer opportunities available throughout the year!

Boy Scout Programs

At the moment we are not booking boy scout programs. If you are interested in working with us or visiting our site, please reach out to start a conversation! We are looking to add the following Boy Scout programs:

  • Merit Badges:
    • Collecting
    • Railroading
    • Game Design
  • Consider us for a Day Camp location! Learn how to fire up a steam locomotive, try out tools and jobs on the railroad and take a ride aboard the Auburn Valley Railroad.

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