Several Stanley cars in a row Considered an operating collection, the antique automobiles in the Marshall Steam Museum are road-registered and may be driven on public roads. Friends of Auburn Heights volunteers take them to local shows and special events, regularly participating in parades, fundraisers, community events, and the East Coast steam car tours. On today’s roads, Stanleys travel between 25 mph and 45 mph, which can be challenging in modern traffic conditions, but in their heyday, these automobiles were known for their hill-climbing ability, silent operation, and speed. Stanleys could out-climb and out-accelerate contemporary cars due to what the Stanleys termed the latter’s inferior “internal explosion engines.” Explore our collections by clicking on a picture below.

Text-Only Automobile Gallery 


1901MobileA black and white photo of three people riding on the 1901 Stanley Mobile, Lex, Irene & Barbra DuPont, two men and a woman Locomobile4 1/2 Horsepower
1902Stick-Seat RunaboutThe 1902 Stanley Stick-Seat Runabout is a red car with an open top that looks like a buggy more than a "standard" carStanley6 Horsepower
1905Runabout Model CXThe 1905 Stanley Model CX looks similar to a buggy, has an open top, has a green body and red wheel spokes/undercarriage Stanley8 Horsepower
1907Semi-Racer Model KThe 1907 Stanley Model K is a burgundy car with glossy paint, and burgundy wheel spokes. It has gold accents Stanley30 Horsepower
1908Model EXThe 1908 Stanley Model EX has an open top, red wheels and a red bodyStanley10 Horsepower
1908Gentleman’s Speedy Roadster H-5Tom Marshall riding the 1908 Stanley Model H-5, a bright red car with red wheel spokesStanley20 Horsepower
1910Touring Model 71The 1910 Stanley Model 71 has a dark green body with white yellow undercarriage and wheel spokesStanley20 Horsepower
1912Touring Model 87The 1912 Stanley model 87 has a firetruck red body and mint green wheel spokes and under carriage. The top of the car is up, covering the seats from above while leaving the sides of the car open Stanley30 Horsepower
1913Touring Model 76The 1913 Stanley Model 76 has a dark green body and a lemon yellow undercarriage and wheel spokes. The top of the car is up, covering the passenger seats.Stanley20 Horsepower
1913Roadster Model 78The 1913 Stanley Model 78 has a black body with white wheel spokes. The top of the car is up, covering the top but not the sides of the car. On the back of the car is a flat space where a trunk can be securedStanley20 Horsepower
1914Touring Model 607The 1914 Stanley Model 607 has a dark muted blue body, a red wheel spokes and undercarriage, and has black tires with white rims, with an extra wheel secured to the side of the car Stanley10 Horsepower
1915Mountain Wagon Model 820The 1915 Stanley Mountain Wagon Model 820 has a red body and red wheel spokes. This car, sometimes called a "steam bus" has five rows of seats. There is a sign on the side that says "Friends of Auburn Heights, Yorklyn, DE"Stanley30 Horsepower
1916Touring Model 725The 1916 Stanley Model 725 has a cobalt blue body and wheel spokes. The top is up, and it covers both the top and sides of the carStanley20 Horsepower
1918Touring Model 735The 1918 Stanley Model 735 has a forest green body with black wheel spokes. The top of the car is down Stanley20 Horsepower
1922Touring Model 740The 1922 Stanley Model 740 has an all black body, wheels, wheel spokes, and top. Stanley20 Horsepower
1924Touring Model 750The 1924 Stanley Model 750 is in the condition it was found in, so it shows signs of rust and the wheel spokes are a similar shade to the bodyStanley20 Horsepower


1914Model TAn older gentleman with a red baseball cap is driving the 1914 Ford Model T on a paved road in front of a field. The car is mostly black save for a red panel near the front of the carFord20 Horsepower
1932Phaeton Model 905The 1932 Packard Phaeton Model 905 sits in front of a blooming cherry tree. The car is a light green/yellow with Black highlights, features white wheels, and has an extra wheel attached to the side of the car.Packard160 Horsepower
1937Model 1508The 1937 Packard Model 1508 sits in front of a white arch. It is a fully black car.Packard175 Horsepower


1916Electric BroughamThe 1916 Rauch & Lang Electric Brougham, it's an all black car with white wheel spokes in front of a blooming cherry treeRauch & Lang90 Volts

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