Several Stanley cars in a row

Considered an operating collection, most of the antique automobiles in the Marshall Steam Museum are road-registered and may be driven on public roads. Friends of Auburn Heights volunteers take them to local shows and special events, regularly participating in parades, fundraisers, community events, and the East Coast steam car tours. On today’s roads, Stanleys travel between 25 mph and 45 mph, which can be challenging in modern traffic conditions, but in their heyday, these automobiles were known for their hill-climbing ability, silent operation, and speed. Stanleys could out-climb and out-accelerate contemporary cars due to what the Stanleys termed the latter’s inferior “internal explosion engines.” Explore our collections by clicking on a picture below.

Steam Cars

1901 Mobile

1902 Stanley Stick-Seat Runabout

1905 Stanley Model CX 

1907 Stanley Model K

1908 Stanley Model EX

1908 Stanley Model H-5

1910 Stanley Model 71

1912 Stanley Model 87

1913 Stanley Model 76

1913 Stanley Model 78

1914 Stanley Model 607

1915 Stanley Model 820 Mountain Wagon

1916 Stanley Model 725

1918 Stanley Model 735

1922 Stanley Model 740

1924 Stanley Model 750

Non-Steam Cars

1914 Ford Model T 

1916 Rauch & Lang (electric)

1932 Packard Phaeton Model 905

1937 Packard Model 1508


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