YVRR Founding Members

We thank those who have stepped up to help transform an idea into reality at Auburn Heights and “light the fire” of the Yorklyn Valley Railroad: 

  • Michael Gates (General Manager)
  • Russell Fox
  • Bob Koury
  • Paul & Joyce Harris
  • Pete & Kathleen Higgins
  • Kathy Beck
  • Dave Mitchell
  • Paul Buckley
  • Bill Scheper
  • Steve Bryce
  • Brent McDougall
  • Mac Taylor
  • George E. Alderman
  • Michael Debes 


The Yorklyn Valley Railroad relies on the energy and support of its volunteer members. Members must:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Maintain an active membership with the Friends of Auburn Heights (FAH)
  • Pay a $25 annual maintenance fee
  • Participate in at least 4 FAH events each year (log 25 service hours)
  • Have a love for steam technology!

Founding Members

If you’d like to be part of the incredible team planning, fundraising and ushering in this new era of railroading at Auburn Heights, you can become a Founding Member below (or simply make a much-appreciated contribution toward the team’s efforts). Founding Members are those who join during this inaugural year (fulfilling the requirements listed above) and also includes those major donors who contribute $500 or more.

They earn recognition online (above), on a plaque to be mounted on the YVRR MOW (Maintenance of Way) shed planned for the layout, and bragging rights, of course. They also earn the extraordinary opportunity to provide input into the layout design, operations handbook and other key foundational decisions.



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