YVRR Founding Members & Donors

We thank those who have stepped up to help transform an idea into reality at Auburn Heights and “light the fire” of the Yorklyn Valley Railroad: 

  • Michael Gates (General Manager)
  • Russell Fox
  • Bob Koury
  • Paul & Joyce Harris
  • Pete & Kathleen Higgins
  • Kathy Beck
  • Dave Mitchell
  • Paul Buckley
  • Bill Scheper
  • Steve Bryce
  • Brent McDougall
  • Mac Taylor
  • George E. Alderman
  • Michael Debes 
  • Kathleen E. Thornton Education Trust
  • Robert Wilhelm
  • Michael Brown
  • Jared Schoenly
  • Rose Ann Hoover


The Yorklyn Valley Railroad relies on the energy and support of its volunteer members. Once operational, members must:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Maintain an active membership with the Friends of Auburn Heights (FAH)
  • Pay a $25 annual maintenance fee
  • Participate in at least 4 FAH events each year (log 25 service hours)
  • Have a love for steam technology!

Will You Help?

If you’d like to help usher in this new era of railroading at Auburn Heights, donate now!