1915 Stanley Mountain Wagon Model 820

The 1915 Stanley Model 820 Mountain Wagon has five rows of seats, fitting across approximately three people per row. The car is all red with a black top. There is a sign on the side that reads "Friends of Auburn Heights Preserve, Yorklyn, DE"

The 1915 Stanley Model 820 Mountain Wagon as it looks today

1914 Ford Model T 1916 Stanley Touring Model 725

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Behind the Steam: Stanley Mountain Wagon

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Tom Marshall: Mountain Wagon

General History

The Model 820 was the largest Stanley passenger vehicle ever built and this example remains the only surviving 15-passenger model. The Mountain Wagon was designed to haul guests to the Stanley brothers’ hotel, simply titled the Stanley. The Stanley was established in 1909, and is famous for inspiring Stephen King’s novel The Shining.

The side profile of the Mountain Wagon is shown above the text "Stanley Mountain Wagon" the mountain wagon has four rows of seats instead of the usual five

An original ad for a slightly smaller version of the Mountain Wagon Model 820, found in a Stanley Steam Car sales brochure

Our Model’s History

Believed to have been originally owned by the Litchfield Shuttle Company of Southbridge, Massachusetts, the Model 820 had been used to haul logs out of the New Hampshire woods prior to its purchase by Clarence Marshall in 1946 for $1,700 from George Monreau of Cochituate, Massachusetts.

Driven home after purchase, the vehicle immediately underwent an “early restoration,” with a new paint job (changing the color from black to the original red), installation of smaller, heavier wheels and tires, an engine change, and some burner work. Seat cushions were covered in imitation leather and a new top was made. A reliable car, it ran for 30 years with minimal maintenance.


Clarence Marshal stands at the side of the mountain wagon, posing for the camera with a full load of passengers in the Mountain Wagon

Clarence Marshall and the 1915 Stanley Mt. Wagon, Glidden Tour, 1948

An estimated 50,000 passengers have ridden in this vehicle, many for very short rides, and it may easily hold the record for the most passengers carried in an authentic antique car. Driven not only on two Glidden Tours but to many local meets and on a tour in Colorado, the total mileage since acquisition remains low—fewer than 10,000 miles.

The Auburn Valley railroad is shown riding in front of the Mountain Wagon, both have fully loaded cars

A picture used in an advertisement for the Age of Steam event that was held during the 70’s at the Marshall Steam Museum, the Mountain Wagon is featured in the back with a full passenger load

The back of the Mountain Wagon is shown passing in front of a sign that reads "The Magic Age of Steam, Snacks"

The Mountain Wagon passing in front of a concession stand for The Magic Age of Steam event at the Marshall Steam Museum, taken circa 1970s


Capacity: 15 passengers
Engine: 30 horsepower
Weight: 5,000 pounds
Wheelbase: 136 inches
Cost: $2,350 in 1915; 2015 equivalent: $54,635

Comparison Chart

ModelCar TypePassenger CapacityEngine (Horsepower for Steam & Gas, Volts for Electric)Weight (Pounds)Wheelbase (Inches)Original Cost (Year Released)Today's Equivalent Cost (in 2015)
1901 MobileSteam44.59006565017000
1902 Stanley Stick-Seat RunaboutSteam469007065018108
1905 Stanley Runabout Model CXSteam4810007867016900
1907 Stanley Semi-Racer Model K
1908 Stanley Model EXSteam41012009087020400
1908 Stanley Gentleman’s Speedy Roadster H-5Steam2201350100135035526
1910 Stanley Touring Model 71
1912 Stanley Touring Model 87Steam7304200134250057100
1913 Stanley Model 76Steam5202800120170038000
1913 Stanley Roadster Model 78Steam2202500115164036700
1914 Stanley Model 607Steam4102200112145034414
1915 Stanley Mountain Wagon Model 820
1916 Stanley Touring Model 725
1918 Stanley Touring Model 735
1922 Stanley Touring Model 740
1924 Stanley Model 750
1914 Ford Model T
1932 Packard Phaeton Model 905
1937 Packard Model 1508
1916 Rauch and Lang Electric Brougham

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