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Visit us at the Marshall Steam Museum!

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Our programs cover such themes as:

  • Transportation changes & impacts on American society
  • Transportation technologies: Steam, gas, electric systems
  • Engineering design, process & prototyping
  • Primary sources & learning from objects

Some of our special activities include:

  • Group assembly lines
  • Building car & train models out of recycled materials
  • Incline racing challenge
  • Train rides
  • Arts & craft projects
  • Free play activities (preschool)

We are happy to adjust any of our programs to match your age group and teaching needs. Have a question or not sure what would work best for your group? Fill out our simple program request form, and our Director of Education will put together what she thinks will work best for your group and its needs. Cannot visit us? Check out our outreach programs, where we bring the program to you. We are also happy to come to you and give a presentation to your teachers about what options are available from the Marshall Steam Museum for your students.


TEACHERS: View Teacher Outlines after each program for individual descriptions, learning objectives, and standards.

Explore the Marshall Steam Museum

Investigate the history of transportation with a tour of the museum’s historic automobiles and trains. Tour is tailored to different age groups.

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Cost: $4 per student
  • Suggested for grades K to 12



Story Time at the Marshall Steam Museum (Ages 3 to 6)

Our on-site Story Time program is for our youngest visitors and is a great way to introduce children to the wonders of museums. This program includes reading one car book and one train book, plus interactive activities surrounded by our museum collections. Kids finish their trip with a craft to take home. Ideal for schools, day cares, summer camps, preschools, and play groups. Programs generally last one hour. Consider adding a train ride to your visit!

Delaware Early Learning Foundations: AL31, AL33, AL34, AL35, AL37, LL31, LL32, LL35, LL36 LL37, LL38, LL41, LL43, LL50, LL55, LL60, SC31, SC43, SC44, MM37, MM39, CE38, CE40, CE42, CE43, PD31, PD32, PD34, PD35, PD36, PD38
DE Standards: H1.K-3a, H2.K-3a, H3.K-3a, H4.K-3a, H4.K-3b, E1.K-3a
Common Core ELA: Kindergarten RIK.1-3, RIK, SLK.1-4, SLK.6, SL1.1, LK.1, LK.5-6; Grade 1 RI1.1-3, RI1.6-7, SL1.1-4, L1.1, L1.5-6; Grade 2 RI2.1, RI2.3, RI2.7, SL2.1-4, L2.1; Grade 3 RI3.7, SL3.1-4, L3.1, L3.5-6
Click here for the Teacher Outline


Early Travelers (Grade K-3)
Great for introducing students to museums and learning about the past through the evolution of travel technology. 

During this program, students learn about what traveling was like when the automobile was first invented and explore such topics as how transportation changed over time, the role auto designers and engineers play in the evolution of automobiles, the jobs and tools on trains. Program includes free play time, if desired. (Train rides pair well with this age group.)

DE Standards: H1.K-3a, H2.K-3a, H3.K-3a, H4.K-3a, H4.K-3b, E1.K-3a,
Common Core ELAKindergarten RIK.1-3, RIK.7, SLK.1-6, SLK.6, LK.1, LK.5-6; Grade 1 RI1.1-3, RI1.6-7, SL1.1-6, L1.1, L1.5-6; Grade 2 RI2.1-3, RI2.9, SL2.1-5, L2.1, L2.6; Grade 3 RI3.7, SL3.1-4, L3.1, L3.5-6
Click here for the Teacher Outline.

Evolving Technology STEM Tour (Grade 3 & above)
Check out our newest program!

During this tour, students will learn about the process of engineering, focusing on engineers who develop technology and specifically automobiles. They will learn about the challenges faced by those first developing automotive technology and how those challenges were overcome while they explore the collections and exhibits of the Marshall Steam Museum and participate in hands-on activities. This tour includes an incline race track challenge, an assembly line activity and observing a chemical-reactive light experiment.

DE Standards: H1,4-5a, H2,4-5b, E1,4-5a&b, E3,4-5a
Next Gen. Science: 3-PS2-1&2, 4-PS3-2&4, 4-ES3-1
NGSS: Engineering Design: 3-5-ETS1-1, 3-5-ETS1-2   
Click here for the Teacher Outline

Auto Engineers (Grade 4 & above)
Great addition to motion & design or engineering units.

Explore the development and the refinement of the automobile from 1901 to 1937 while tracing changes in engineering design and technology by learning about the Stanleys and Henry Ford. Students will watch an assembly line and explore the steps engineers take to prototype during a balloon car building activity. (For this age group, consider pairing with the DE State Parks Hike on History or the Mansion Machinery Tour.)

DE Standards:  H1.4-5a, H2.4-5a, H4.4-5a&b
Common Core ELA: RI5.1, RI5.3, RI5.9, SL5.1, SL5.2, SL5.4
NGSS: Engineering Design: 3-5-ETS1-1, 3-5-ETS1-2
Click here for the Teacher Outline.


Drivers & Racers (Grade 4 & above)

During this tour, students will learn about the invention of the automobile and how it developed over time while practicing chronology and timelines. They will use different historical sources (objects, primary sources, etc.) to explore early auto racing and practice historical thinking through an in-depth object analysis activity. (For this age group, consider pairing with the DE State Parks Hike on History or the Mansion Machinery Tour.)

DE Standards: H1.4-5a, H2.4-5b, H4.4-5a&b
Common Core ELA: RL4.1-3, RI4.1, RI4.3, RI4.9, SL4.1-4, L4.1
Click here for the Teacher Outline.


Summer Camp Visits

Auburn Heights is a great destination for your summer camp group. Programs typically last 2-3 hours, range in price from $4-$10/person, and include the option to lunch on the grounds. Contact us at to learn more. Book early for a choice of dates as summer is one of our busiest times.


Train Rides – Seasonal and Staff Dependent (mid-April through November 30)

Round out your visit to Auburn Heights with a ride on our diesel-style train. A discussion of general train safety is included and is a great way to teach our younger visitors how to be safe near train tracks.

  • Minimum group size of 40 students (consider working with another school or group if you are unable to meet the group minimum).
  • Additional cost: $3/student


Delaware State Parks Programs

The Auburn Heights Mansion and the Auburn Valley Trail are operated by Delaware State
Parks. We are happy to work with you to coordinate these programs but are not responsible for scheduling restrictions or pricing. For questions about Delaware State Parks program, please contact staff at Auburn Heights Preserve at (302) 239-5687.

Hike through History – The Trolley Trail (Grades K+)
Take a walk through the past! As we hike one of the trails at Auburn Heights Preserve, discover the industrial and agricultural history of the area through stories, and learn about mass transportation during the early 20th century. We’ll also explore the natural habitats of animals that live near the Red Clay Creek.

What’s in the Water? (Grades 3-4)
Most rivers and streams look clear to the naked eye, but, there are many things that can be hidden in the water. This program explores the industrial past of the Red Clay Creek and the local paper mills that once stood on its banks. During our creek exploration, we will discover what was left behind when the paper mills went out of business as well as conduct simple water tests for pH and various elements and learn how these elements affect our waterways and how we can help to keep our waterways healthy.

Insect Detectives (Grades 1-5)
Did you know that insects can tell us a lot about the health of an aquatic system? Using insect ID resources, we can uncover what lives in the Red Clay Creek and how that helps to determine the health of the waterway. We will also learn about the industrial past surrounding the Red Clay, the role that insects play in ecosystems, and how to help prevent water pollution.

Explore the Auburn Heights Mansion (Grades 4+)
A visit to this antiques-furnished Queen Anne-style mansion offers visitors an up-close and personal view into three generations of the Marshall family and their impact on the local area.

Auburn Heights Mansion Machinery Tour (Grades 4+)
Explore the second Industrial Revolution in the Marshall Mansion! During the tour, we will discuss the construction of the 1897 mansion and the modern amenities it included. While touring the rooms, special emphasis will be placed on the furnishings, which include simple machines and how they work, including a 1900 grandfather clock and 1902 Regina Music Box. To finish the tour, the students will see a live demonstration of a scale steam engine, similar to one of the steam engines that powered the Marshall family’s paper mill.


Reservations must be made at least 2 weeks in advance. A $50 deposit is required to reserve your date. To learn more, please consult:

Marshall Steam Museum: Field Trip Guidelines

or contact
Director of Education


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