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We are every excited to add an Online Exhibits section to the Marshall Steam Museum website. Thank you for your patience as we learn how to use this new option to provide new information on our website. We are always looking for new ideas and feedback. Contact today to share your thoughts.

The Marshall Timeline

Want to learn about the family that built Auburn Heights? Check out the Beta version of The Marshall Timeline. We are working on the finishing touches and final edits, but wanted you to have a chance to explore. If you have questions, comments or concerns please email Bob Wilhelm, timeline researcher, here.


Letting Off Steam: The Stanley Legacy (click title)

Can’t visit the museum in person? Check out the online version of Letting off Steam: The Stanley Legacy.

From the 1890s through the 1920s, people experimented with a new engineering marvel: the automobile. While the skeptics waited for the fad to pass and the world to return to the civilized ways of the horse and carriage, others looked to a future of motorized travel. A few companies succeeded, and many failed. In 1897, twins Francis and Freelan Stanley of Kingfield, Maine, designed their first automobile, in many ways just to see if they could do it better. By 1902, the Stanley Motor Carriage Company was born. They did not design just any automobile, but one powered by steam, the most advanced and prevalent technology of the time. The Marshall Steam Museum is pleased to present the electronic version of Letting Off Steam: The Stanley Legacy, a new exhibition that explores the rise and fall of the Stanley Motor Carriage Company and the enduring legacy of that company on the Marshall family and Auburn Heights. Click here.

Student Discussion Questions:

  1. Who were the Stanley Twins and how did they impact the automobile industry?
  2. Why do we not have steam cars today? What evidence can you find from the exhibit to support your answer? What additional information can you find to answer the question?
  3. Opinion: The museum has decided not to restore the 1924 Stanley Model 750 so but to keep it in its original state so that the museum can study it. What would you do? Would you restore it back to operating condition or would you leave it the way it is? There is no right or wrong answer. Make sure to support your argument.
  4. 21st Century Connection: How do we use steam engines and steam power today?

The Auburn Valley Railroad: From Then to Now (click title)


This exhibit provides a brief overview of the development and history of the Auburn Valley Railroad, the 1/8 size railroad on the Auburn Heights estate, starting with its construction in 1960 by T. Clarence Marshal through its current operation by volunteers of the Friends of Auburn Heights Preserve. To open the exhibit, click here. Published April 2016.

History of the Stanley Motor Carriage Company (click title)

This exhibit gives a brief history of the Stanley Motor Carriage Company. The Stanley Motor Carriage Co. was started by twin brothers from Maine, F.E. and F.O. Stanley, who were known for their “Yankee ingenuity” and entrepreneurial prowess. In this exhibit, you can learn more about the Stanley brothers, the Stanley Motor Carriage Co. and their connection to the Marshall family and Auburn Heights. To open the exhibit, click here. Published January 2016.

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