4-8-4 Pocono (Northern) Lackawanna

Several men are standing behind the 4-8-4 Pocono (Northern) Lackawanna, one of whom is Clarence Marshall

Clarence Marshall (in the middle) showcasing the 4-8-4 Pocono (Northern) Lackawanna at a hobby show along with his son Tom Marshall (on the far right)

1930s Lionel Electric Trains 1950s 4-8-4 Northern Engines #401 & #402

Our Model’s History

Crafted from “Little Engines” castings and drawings, this coal- or wood-fired locomotive was completed about the time Clarence’s son Tom returned home from service in World War II. Clarence named the locomotive after Tom. For several years after the war, Clarence and Tom took the locomotive to hobby shows and operated it on rollers, with a Stanley car supplying the steam from immediately outside the building. Considered too small to carry passengers, it is half the size of the Auburn Valley Railroad locomotives.

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