Evenings at the Museum

Join us to explore the museum behind-the-scenes and get up close and personal with our historic collections. Each program will spotlight something new and includes admission to the Marshall Steam Museum. Don’t forget to join our Facebook Events and invite your friends. 

First Tuesday evening of the month
May to October
7 pm
Cost: $5; Free for FAHP Members
Across the street in the event lot


2018 Season:

May 1 – Get ready for Train Day and discover the history and power of steam locomotives with a special presentation by the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.

June 5 – Come meet the organization that makes old bridges new again and finds them a new home…right here in Yorklyn! Presented by Workin’ Bridges.

July 10 *Special Date* – The adventures to be enjoyed in the Steam Car hobby are vast and varied, and often cross generations. Hear from Carl Amsley about his father’s legacy and experiences during his years as part of the Steam Car community. Presented by Carl Amsley.


Past programs included: 

  • The History of Woodside Farm Creamery with Jim, Janet & Joe Mitchell
  • Delaware License Plates: From the Age of Steam to the Age of Self-Esteem with plate historian/collector Dave Lincoln
  • Treasures from the Attic with Delaware State Parks interpreter Emily Carnwath, highlighting never-before-seen artifacts from the Auburn Heights mansion.
  • Toy Trains Hit the Rails with John Schubel, Malcolm Taylor and Jay Williams. Listen to the podcast by clicking here.
  • Selling American Innovation a special Conversation with Tom Marshall
  • Stanleys and Racing: Factory Performance Cars and Specials with Kelly Williams
  • The Marshall Patents: Making Fiber Continuously with Bob Wilhelm
  • Auburn/Yorklyn: From Hamlet to Village to Hamlet with John Harrison
  • Comparative Firing Up Demonstration with Kelly Williams
  • The Stanley 750: Junker or Treasure? with Gregory J. Landrey
  • Ford and His Model T with Bill Schwoebel and Lou Mandich


We are always looking for new ideas; email education@auburnheights.org with yours.



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