Adopt-a-Car Program

The Adopt-a-Car Program offers individuals, families and organizations the opportunity to invest in the care of the Marshall Steam Museum collections and demonstrate their support for antique auto preservation. “Adoptions” also offer great opportunities to honor or recognize friends and family — by adopting a car in their memory or honor — and declaring their ongoing legacy and passion for vintage autos.

All of the vehicles at the museum are available for adoption, and each may have more than one “adopter” or fan. Choose your favorite and show it some love by adopting it every year, or spread the love around and choose a different vehicle each year. The “adoption fee” is the same for all of the autos — $125 for a one-year adoption.

Adopters receive a “Certificate of Adoption” and a photograph of their adopted vehicle along with special recognition on signage at the museum and on the website.

For more information about the Adopt-a-Car Program or to request “Adoption Papers” on your favorite vehicle, now please contact Susan Randolph at 302-239-2385 or email

Adoption Benefits include:

  • Your name (or “in Honor of” or “in Memory of” message) on the car’s museum label for one year
  • Recognition on the Marshall Steam Museum website for one full year
  • An official adoption certificate and image of your chosen vehicle
  • Advance notice and invitations to new exhibits and special events
  • The satisfaction of knowing that your support helps to maintain and preserve a very special historic automobile and enables the museum to engage and delight visitors of all ages!

Be a part of the Marshall Steam Museum family and adopt a car today!

Click here for printable Adopt-a-Car form.

We are proud to acknowledge the following current adoptions:

Auto Adoptor
1901 Mobile Open
1902 Stanley Stick-Seat Open
1905 Stanley Model CX Open
1907 Stanley Model K Open
1908 Stanley Model H5 Open
1908 Stanley Model EX In Memory of Joel D. Citron
1910 Stanley Model 71 Touring Car In Honor of Tom Marshall
1912 Stanley Model 87 In Honor & Memory of Tom Marshall
1913 Stanley Model 78 Roadster J. Stephen Bryce
1913 Stanley Model 76 Touring Car In Memory of Tom Marshall
1914 Stanley Model 607 Touring Car Bill & Cathe Lawrence
Nate Blau
1915 Stanley Mountain Wagon Jeff Morrison
1916 Stanley Model 725 Touring Car Tim Ward
1918 Stanley Model 735 Open
1922 Stanley Model 740 Stan & Kim Wilcox
1924 Stanley Model 750 Open
1916 Rauch & Lang Electric Car In Honor of
Emil Christofano
by an antique car friend
Fran Randolph
1932 Packard Phaeton Model 905 In Memory of Charles M. Cawley
from an antique car friend
Rose Ann Hoover
In Memory & Honor of Tom Marshall
1937 Packard Model 1508 In Loving Memory of Jane H. Jordan
Rose Ann Hoover

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