Straw Rockets

We did these straw rockets as part of 2019’s Summer Reading Story Time program, Racers to Rockets, and the little kids had a great time with them. They’re quick and easy to make, but kids can be as creative as they want with designing and coloring their rockets.


Original project can be found here.



Paper rockets (template) – can be either pre-cut or you can let the kids cut them out
Thin, wrapped straws
Larger diameter half straws
Tape (clear or masking tape)
Crayons or whatever else kids want to use to decorate their rockets



It’s helpful to tape one end of the half straws shut ahead of time, especially if you have a larger group, since kids typically have trouble getting a complete seal on the end of a straw. Pinch one end of the larger diameter half straw closed and tape it down well – if any air escapes, the rockets won’t fly.





  1. Gather your materials: one paper rocket (if it isn’t already cut out, also take a pair of scissors), one wrapped straw, one larger diameter half straw with one end already taped shut, crayons or other decorations, and tape.
  2. Color or decorate your rocket however you want.
  3. Tape your half straw to the back of your rocket with the closed end at the top.
  4. Unwrap your wrapped straw and stick it inside the half straw lightly, don’t push it in too far or the rocket won’t fly.
  5. Without holding onto the rocket, blow into the long straw, and watch your rocket soar through the air!

Have kids count down from ten so their rockets can blast off!

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