Story Time Online + Activities

In a response to current events and an opportunity to share our resources, we are offering Story Time Online! This program happens at 10 am on our Facebook page every weekday morning. A staff member reads a favorite book from our collection and pairs it with a special activity (or two!) for your family to enjoy.

Most of our crafts for outreach programs, field trips and special events use recycled materials! Ours are graciously donated to us by our wonderful volunteers, but we are hoping you will have many of these objects already in your house.

We try to find projects that are fun for kids and parents and that encourage kids to think about the process of engineering. We ask kids to plan and design their project, whether it’s a car, a train, a rocket ship or anything else they can think of, create a prototype of their design, test it, and then repeat the process to solve problems and improve their creations. 

See below for featured books, crafts and activities for this program! 

*If you have any trouble accessing the crafts, please send us an email at


Create a Car or Train with TP Wheels 

Visit our Facebook page to listen to the story Chugga-Chugga Choo-Choo. Then, pair it with this easy craft. All you need is paper and a toilet paper roll!







Toot Your Own Horn Craft

Visit our Facebook page to listen to the story of The Sounds Around Town. Then, pair it with this relatively simply craft. All you need is a toilet paper roll, wax paper, paper, a rubber band and your imagination!





Make a Railroad Engineer’s Hat 

Listen to the story of Stormy’s Hat: Just the Right Hat for a Railroad Man on our Facebook page. Then make your own version of Stormy’s hat!



T is for Track art project

Listen to the story of And the train goes… on our Facebook page. Then, design your letter “T” for track! Draw on or paste on railroad ties or tracks to cover the letter. Then print off or create your own train to go on the tracks!



Automobile Coloring Pages

On our Facebook page, listen to the story of Mr. Gumpy’s Motor Car. Then print off these coloring pages featuring our historic automobiles that look similar to Mr. Gumpy’s motor car! 



Steam Shovel Craft

On our Facebook page, listen to the story of Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel. Then, make your own “Mary Anne” the steam shovel with this printable craft!




Make a Straw Rocket

Listen to the story of Dinosaur Rocket! on our Facebook page. Then, make your own straw rocket and “launch” it into outer space!





Recycled Material Car

Listen to the story of If I Built a Car… on our Facebook page. Afterwards, we hope you are inspired to make your own car using recycled materials or items you can find in your home.

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