The Friends of Auburn Heights is a nonprofit organization established in 2004 and dedicated to educating the public about Delaware’s industrial history and the impact of steam technology. The Friends own and maintain the Marshall family’s extraordinary collection of antique automobiles along with the Auburn Valley Railroad. To learn more, please visit our membership page.



The mission of the Friends of Auburn Heights is to educate the public firsthand about an American way of life that flourished at the dawn of the automotive age, preserve the technology of historic steam transportation, and serve as advocate for the Auburn Valley State Park.

The Auburn Valley State Park (formerly Auburn Heights Preserve) includes the Marshall family home and carriage house listed on the National Register of Historic Places, site of the first Stanley automobile dealership in Delaware; a museum building housing a collection of vintage automobiles; a 1/8-size live steam railroad operating on the property; and approximately 260 acres of surrounding park land.

To accomplish this mission, the Friends of Auburn Heights strives to:

  • Conduct educational tours of the property, collections and buildings at Auburn Heights;
  • Teach the technology of early transportation by encouraging the public to observe, inspect and experience the vintage cars and trains;
  • Initiate outreach programs for current and prospective steam car operators and owners through programs and publications that address historic steam car maintenance and operation;
  • Offer experiential programs and activities for all generations that inspires a lifelong love of learning and a curiosity in science, technology and history.



The Marshall Steam Museum is governed by the Friends of Auburn Heights and benefits from the wisdom, support, and advocacy of its Board of Directors:

  • J. Stephen Bryce, President
  • Gregory J. Landrey, Vice-President
  • Richard N. Bernard, Secretary
  • Katherine A. Dugan Treasurer
  • Mark Bodenstab, Director
  • Dan Holloway, Director
  • Robert Koury, Director
  • Jennifer L. Green., Director
  • Ruth P. Marshall, Founding Director
  • Thomas C. Marshall Jr., Founding Director
  • P. Michael May, Director
  • Jerome T. Novak, Director
  • Robert J. Reilly, Director
  • Charles A. Salkin, Director
  • Stanley J. Wilcox, Director



The Friends of Auburn Heights prides itself on being a responsible nonprofit organization, and we share information on our financial position with members and the public at our Annual Meeting each February. To view a summary of those presentations in pdf format, please click on the appropriate link below.

We encourage donors to fully research the charities that they support and to make educated decisions regarding their philanthropic contributions. Background and financial information on most charities, including the Friends of Auburn Heights Preserve, may be found free of charge at GuideStar.

The Friends of Auburn Heights Preserve is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization; therefore all donations to the organization are tax-deductible as permitted by law.

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